Creating a coaching culture where employees are inspired, encouraged and rewarded accelerates organizational success. With CPI’s Manager as Coach Learning Series® (MACLS), line supervisors to executives gain the ability to engage employees, coach, build trust and drive organizational performance. With programs tailored to an organization’s specific needs, MACLS maximizes relevancy, positive business impact and sustainability.

The proven approach followed by CPI is summarized below for an optimal group size of 12-15 participants per session.


  • Tailor program to address coaching culture objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders and participants
  • Define measurable outcomes
  • Option to purchase a bank of consulting hours

Learning and applying

  • Webinar or In-person formats
  • Leverage best-in-class tools
  • Practice skills with CPI coach and small groups
  • Improve communication and trust between leaders and staff
  • Ongoing review of successes and challenges
  • Master high-impact coaching skills
  • Discover advanced coaching competencies


  • Transition from CPI coach to small coaching groups
  • Follow-up with key stakeholders and participants
  • Ongoing measurement of success

MACLS Results

According to Bersin and Associates, organizations that effectively prepare managers and have cultural support for coaching are:

  • 33% better at engaging employees
  • Achieving 39% better results with productivity and customer service
  • 130% more likely to experience stronger business results


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