Leadership development aligns your talent with business strategies to optimize organizational success. At Career Partners International, we provide a comprehensive range of proven leadership development programs to improve communication, performance, engagement, commitment, accountability and trust. As a result, your organization achieves technical, cultural and managerial alignment from your workforce.

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Each CPI leadership development program is tailored to your specific needs for optimal relevancy, impact and sustainability. Participants acquire the ability to navigate strategic and cultural changes, creating a transparent, respectful, accountable and growth oriented environment for both employees and leaders along with the strategic intent to develop future leaders.

70%  Improved work performance

72%  Improved communication skills

73%  Improved relationships

80%  Improved self-confidence

86%  Companies who feel they at least made their investment back

96%  Would repeat the process

99%  Were somewhat or very satisfied with the overall experience

“Career Partners International dedicates time to understand our needs. They show true interest to meet our expectations.”

-Guillermo Defilippi, HR Corporate Director

Leadership development goals

  • Alignment with goals, styles and culture
  • Build brand and customer experience
  • Delivering new products or services
  • Improving cost containment, operational efficiency and profitability
  • Managing a multicultural, multigenerational and virtual workforce
  • Develop ability to verbally inform, persuade and motivate
  • Improving customer loyalty and retention

“With Career Partners International, we know that we are going to provide our employees globally with the same quality and level of services that we get right here at home.”

-Jayne Gansler, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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