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Successful businesses today employ a strategic approach to their talent management and strategy. As a leading HR consulting company, Career Partners International acts as a dedicated partner to firms navigating the changing complexities of the modern workplace.

We provide a suite of services to optimize firms’ success. With a global presence spanning over 300 locations, we are one of the leading consultancies in the world, providing services such as Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development.

Working With CPI

Global Impact

With over 300 locations worldwide, we bring world-class HR consulting agency services to your doorstep. Our extensive reach ensures our local consultants understand and have direct experience with the challenges and opportunities of your region.

Proven Results

CPI boasts the industry's best coach-to-participant ratio, ensuring a focused and personalized approach for each individual. Our commitment to quick re-employment at equal or greater compensation is the best in the industry, reflecting our dedication to discernible outcomes.

Our Approach

At CPI, we embrace a collaborative, cutting-edge approach to consulting. We value our relationships with our clients and recognize each individual and organizational challenge as unique. We focus on accelerating growth today while securing value for a better tomorrow.

The industry’s best percentage for landing at equal/greater compensation
The industry’s best percentage for landing at equal/greater compensation

About Us

As one of the leading HR consulting firms globally, our consultants and coaches bring a wealth of experience and expertise to businesses of all sizes. We act as your guide, linking human capital strategies to the ever-evolving needs of organizations.

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As your chosen HR consulting company, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our comprehensive consulting services. Our market experts provide a focused and personalized approach to create the best outcome possible for your organization. We do more than follow trends - we set the industry standard.

Welcome to a new type of consulting – welcome to Career Partners International.

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